March Movement Challenge

During the month of March, ACPS elementary schools will measure the number of times brain-boosting physical activity is incorporated in their classrooms. Our Move2Learn Program Director, Jan Olmstead has been going to each school and meeting with their movement mentors and distributing materials. After receiving Move2Learn Toolkits (activity dice, fitness clock posters, etc.) and training, teachers will track their classroom activity by checking off the number of times and days that their students get up out of their seats and boost their brains through physical activity. The top three schools will win prizes to support their individual school’s supply needs to boost student physical activity and fun, plus other prizes for randomly selected teachers to meet their classroom movement needs!

Post-challenge, RunningBrooke will collect feedback about the impact of the activities on students’ focus, on-task behaviors, and classroom cohesion and efficiency. Teachers will answer questions of focus, reading and writing sustainably, and learning.

We’ve got 260 bags distributed to 260+ participating classrooms. They (and we) are SO excited — it’s fun to watch the competition shaping up!