Physical activity throughout the day helps kids better focus on their school work. Movement builds more than muscles; it primes the brain so it’s ready, willing, and able to learn. Experts also see lower incidences of ADHD, depression, and obesity when kids get the exercise they need. 

That’s why we at RunningBrooke developed our innovative Move2Learn programs for in the classroom and at home. Our goal is to spark happier, healthier, learning-ready students!

 Move2Learn in School

Recognizing the need for teachers to have simple ways to get kids active right at their fingertips, our Move2Learn Toolkit contains fun, heart-rate-elevating activities, or brain boosts, to use in the classroom. It contains a movement cube, fitness deck, bean bags, timer, perpetual calendar with daily brain boost suggestions, a “fitness clock” poster, and instructions and ideas for incorporating movement into academic lessons.

Order yours today! Or contact Jen to have toolkits delivered to your school. [email protected]

RunningBrooke’s Move2Learn school-based program also provides professional development trainings as well as grant funding for Alexandria City Public Schools teachers and schools.