Promoting Racial Equity

To promote equity for ACPS students, RunningBrooke must actively work to counteract the deeply rooted systemic biases that disproportionately impact Black, Hispanic, Asian, Indigenous and all students who experience disparate treatment because of their race or ethnicity.

Our mission is simple: to get kids physically active to spark happier, healthier, learning-ready students, whether at home or in the classroom. While all children can benefit from the work we do, the need is greater for many who are marginalized and underserved. And we’re addressing that discrepancy.

We’re committed to incorporating racial equity throughout our work by: 

  • Participating in ongoing training on how systemic racism functions in America, especially in education, and how to combat it to better serve children, families, teachers and leaders in our school system; 
  • Diversifying formal and informal leadership at RunningBrooke by actively seeking out and embracing fresh and new perspectives from Black, Indigenous, and people of color as committee or board members;
  • Working closely with our schools and families to create more opportunities to connect in person so we can build meaningful relationships with them; and
  • Seeking honest and direct feedback from our schools and families to tailor our programs to best address their needs and concerns.

Racial equity and a level learning field are integral to promoting the success of all ACPS students, and RunningBrooke plays an important role in ensuring them. We’re committed to doing this work and stand in solidarity with Black, Hispanic, Asian, Indigenous and all people of color.