Let’s Move

RunningBrooke designs and develops programs and partners with Alexandria City Public School administrators, teachers, parents, caretakers and guardians to bring Brain Boosting movement to students to help them learn their best. We base our programs on science because physical activity increases blood flow and brain function.

A major source of inspiration behind our work is John J. Ratey’s book, Spark: The Revolutionary New Science of Exercise and the Brain.”

What We Provide

  • Kinesthetic Classroom Equipment, also known as Active Seating, like wobble stools, yoga ball chairs, wiggle cushions, accordion stools, fidget bands and donut stability balls.
  • Our signature Move2Learn Toolkits filled with a variety of fun tools that teachers use to sprinkle short bursts of activity throughout the school day.
  • Move2Learn Grants for small and large classroom movement equipment to cultivate kinesthetic learning for children of all ages.
  • On-site professional development trainings, so teachers can get the most out of our programs.