SEAL Learning

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School can be stressful for any kid these days. For many, though, it’s especially challenging when they’ve been hit hard by trauma. When daily life is a struggle. When staying above water in school is next to impossible. As Alexandria City Public School Executive Principal Peter Balas said:

“The events of the past two years have left many of our students, dare I say, most of our students and maybe even all of our students, feeling the impact of trauma,” he wrote. “The effects of trauma are varied. For teenagers who are still developing coping skills, the effects of trauma can manifest in behaviors that are oppositional and even impulsive.”

And to add to that stress, kids are having to readjust to in-person learning

While many children already receive support services, others still need help. 

So when Alexandria City Public Schools asked us to partner with them on their Social, Emotional and Academic Learning programming to give kids their best chance to succeed, we didn’t hesitate. Our role is to bring in the movement, a key element of SEAL.

Why RunningBrooke? Because we have the expertise, training and tools for teachers and students to bring movement to their school days — because movement revs the heart, reduces stress, and primes the brain so it’s ready, willing and able to learn.

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