Who We Are

Brooke Sydnor Curran founded RunningBrooke in 2009 as a donor-advised fund of ACT for Alexandria. Sydnor Curran founded RunningBrooke after discovering for herself the impact of running on her happiness and well-being. In the early years, Sydnor Curran raised funds by running a marathon a month (she still does this). RunningBrooke then donated raised funds to other organizations providing early childhood education, literacy, running, and soccer programs. In 2015, RunningBrooke saw a need in the community and expanded, renovating and building playgrounds in underserved schools and neighborhoods. RunningBrooke achieved its own non-profit status in 2016.

RunningBrooke’s goals have continued to expand from purely funding nonprofits, to funding movement-related nonprofit programs and building community playgrounds, to dynamically adding our own Move2Learn program where kids are and need it most, at schools. Working directly with schools and teachers, we now direct the majority of our funding to underserved schools, students, and teachers. Since its inception, RunningBrooke has invested $1.5M back into into the community. We look forward to continuing and building our relationship with Alexandria City Public Schools, and other community leaders, nonprofits, schools, and teachers interested in getting kids active to spark learning.

RunningBrooke is primarily an all-volunteer organization with a part-time staff of two. We count on a dedicated group of volunteers to serve on our Board of Directors, help plan our events and builds, distribute grant funds, and conduct site visits. Our Board members are active in the community outside of their commitment to RunningBrooke, serving Alexandria in multiple roles. We raise money from generous donations from the community, community events and milestone celebrations, and the wonderful support of our sponsors – dedicated businesses whose leaders recognize the power of philanthropy on positive outcomes.

RunningBrooke.org is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. Our Form 990, is available upon request.