• What is RunningBrooke?

    We are a grant making organization committed to improving the lives of Alexandria’s children by funding local charities with programs that help children start school ready, succeed in school, and get kids outdoors and moving. Inspired by Brooke’s monthly marathons, we motivate others to lace up their shoes (literally and figuratively) and contribute to our mission. We believe that all kids deserve to come to kindergarten healthy and prepared to learn.

  • What is RunningBrooke’s mission?


    RunningBrooke inspires our city’s* at-risk kids to move, sparking their learning for success in school and life.

    *City of Alexandria, VA


    Every child in Alexandria, no matter their background or circumstances, comes to school healthy and prepared to learn and thrive.

  • Do I have to run to be a part of it?

    No, but we can show you how :)

  • What is the social impact?

    We know that a child who doesn’t read by third grade is far more likely to drop out of school than a proficient reader. We know that someone lacking a high school education has a bleak future, and is more likely to enter the social or the judicial system, costing taxpayers $258,000 and imposing a burden of $755,900 over their lifetimes. We also know kids need to get outside and move to develop healthy bodies and minds, yet almost half of our kids are obese, overweight, and many don’t have a neighborhood playground.

    For citations to these statistics, check out the Big Picture.

  • What is the connection between running and and my donation?

    Marathon running is what I do and core to who I am. I combine my passion for running with compassion for the community to inspire you and others to pay it forward. There is no direct correlation between a marathon mile that I run and your donation amount, only the inspiration to get involved in the community — everyone can be a philanthropist!

  • Why give to RunningBrooke when I can support the charity directly?

    A gift through RunningBrooke provides so much more than cash support.

    • We invest in children early and in areas that will make the most difference over the long-run so they may be successful in school and life.
    • We provide funding and strategic support for promising programs, including a RunningBrooke “coach” to help grantees go the distance in implementing successful programs.
    • Because we are centered in the community and receive a lot of grant applications, we can facilitate partnerships to create synergy and reduce duplication of effort.
    • We provide education, advocacy, and collaboration to build a community-wide movement for children.
    • We are building an endowment that assures our strategic investments can be financially continued until our vision is achieved.
  • What is the relationship between ACT for Alexandria and RunningBrooke?

    RunningBrooke is a fund of ACT for Alexandria and operates under ACT for Alexandria’s 501(c)(3) status. ACT for Alexandria is our City’s community foundation and is dedicated to raising the level and effectiveness of charitable giving in Alexandria. We operate cooperatively but independently.

  • What is the future of RunningBrooke?

    We know we are in a marathon and not a sprint, and need in our community will continue. We promise to persevere, with pragmatic idealism and passion, until our vision of all children in Alexandria having the skills and habits for success becomes and remains a reality. That vision includes an endowment to ensure our strategic investments can be financially continued until our vision is achieved.

  • Why does RunningBrooke have an age focus for making its grants?

    While there are important and worthy programs to benefit at-risk children of all ages, we believe our grants will have the greatest impact on younger children. Our current focus is children ages 10 and under.

  • How can I help?
    • Make a CONTRIBUTION to RunningBrooke.
    • Become a SPONSOR of RunningBrooke.
    • RUN in a race as a RunningBrooke fundraiser.
    • VOLUNTEER at a RunningBrooke event.
    • Spread the word about our mission to your friends and colleagues by HOSTING a “cocktails and conversations” evening.
    • Have conversations with parents, educators, political leaders, and others about how, together, we can guarantee a healthy beginning for all of our children.
  • Have you ever been injured?

    Can’t answer that because I don’t want to jinx myself!

  • What do you eat?

    I eat healthfully: only food my grandmother would recognize, whole foods or things that have fewer than 5 ingredients (and that I can pronounce) and no fast food.

  • What’s your favorite marathon?

    My favorite international marathons are Antarctica and Berlin and my favorite US marathons are Boston and Big Sur.

  • What’s your best time?

    My best time for a full marathon is 3:09 at the Steamtown Marathon in Scranton, PA (2009). My best half-marathon time is 1:29 at the Philadelphia Distance Run (2009).

  • What do you know about running with asthma?

    I was diagnosed with asthma and exercise-induced bronchospasm (EIP) in the summer of 2009 after years of running. I’d had infrequent symptoms like chest tightening, wheezing, shortness of breath for a while but they were occasional. That summer, those symptoms became an everyday occurrence and I thought my running career was over! I went to a respiratory specialist who figured out the problem and gave me the tools and medication I needed to get back out there and run for the kids. It IS possible to be a runner with asthma!