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2016 Spring2ACTion

Your record breaking and heartfelt contributions during Alexandria’s Spring2ACTion are going to make the Taney Avenue playground a reality for 1,500 kids and their families!

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We have 2016 MCM Bibs!

Breaking NEWS: RunningBrooke has YOUR guaranteed bib for the Marine Corps Marathon on October 30th! Run for a reason and put smiles in your miles… Fight childhood obesity and increase test scores.

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2016 Move2Learn Summit

Join us on June 9th as we host nationally known heath and physical education expert, Tim McCord to learn about how physical exercise fuels the brain and accelerates learning in children.

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RunningBrooke inspires our city’s* at-risk kids to move, sparking their learning for success in school and life. *City of Alexandria, VA

  • Because of you, 1,500 kids are getting a new park! Pumped to have you all as a partner. April 26, 2016
  • Lookin' good! April 26, 2016
  • Why not? One of the toughest to another one of the toughest :) See ya there! April 26, 2016
  • RT @runpacers: George Washington #ParkwayClassic is tomorrow. Here's what you need to know before you go https://t.… April 23, 2016
  • It's a Wrap. Your Support Builds a Playground! April 21, 2016
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William E. Euille, former City of Alexandria Mayor
Brooke Sydnor Curran is the kind of citizen that every community needs and wishes it had more of — a tireless, passionate individual that dedicates not only her time but also money to improving outcomes for the most vulnerable in our City — our children. It's organizations like RunningBrooke, that ensure that the neediest children have access to early childhood education, educational opportunities, and safe and stimulating outdoor play that they deserve to become successful and healthy citizens. RunningBooke has been running and running and running on behalf of the City of Alexandria. As the city's Mayor, I am thankful for her help and pleased to officially bestow on to her the title "Official Ambassador to the City of Alexandria".
John Porter, President/CEO of ACT for Alexandria
RunningBrooke—What a great concept and a wonderful way to help others in our community. In addition to providing a creative and visible means for fundraising—the funds from which go back into the community, the additional aspect of promoting nutrition, exercise and conditioning serve to provide a multi-pronged message to others. I can’t go anywhere in town and speak about ACT without someone acknowledging RunningBrooke and the tremendous impact it has had on our community, particularly with the focus on kids, kids health and their development.
  •   7 continents/50 States
  •   1 Marathon a month
  •   5 World Marathons
  •   93 marathons
  •   15,400+ training miles
  •   Impacted over 3,000 at-risk children
  •   Funded new literacy tutoring programs
  •   Provided hundreds of community volunteers
  •   Rehabbed 4 school playgrounds
  •   Donated 1,875 new books to children in shelters