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You’re shaping healthier, happier and smarter children.  Thank You!

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Running Brooke Box Link

Move2Learn awards grants to schools, teachers and non-profits in Alexandria

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RunningBrooke inspires our city’s* at-risk kids to move, sparking their learning for success in school and life. *City of Alexandria, VA

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William E. Euille, former City of Alexandria Mayor
Brooke Sydnor Curran is the kind of citizen that every community needs and wishes it had more of — a tireless, passionate individual that dedicates not only her time but also money to improving outcomes for the most vulnerable in our City — our children. It's organizations like RunningBrooke, that ensure that the neediest children have access to early childhood education, educational opportunities, and safe and stimulating outdoor play that they deserve to become successful and healthy citizens. RunningBooke has been running and running and running on behalf of the City of Alexandria. As the city's Mayor, I am thankful for her help and pleased to officially bestow on to her the title "Official Ambassador to the City of Alexandria".
John Porter, President/CEO of ACT for Alexandria
RunningBrooke—What a great concept and a wonderful way to help others in our community. In addition to providing a creative and visible means for fundraising—the funds from which go back into the community, the additional aspect of promoting nutrition, exercise and conditioning serve to provide a multi-pronged message to others. I can’t go anywhere in town and speak about ACT without someone acknowledging RunningBrooke and the tremendous impact it has had on our community, particularly with the focus on kids, kids health and their development.
The Hume Springs Citizens Association
The Hume Springs Citizens Association would like to thank you for helping make our 2016 National Night Out a huge success! On August 2, approximately 200 members of our community came together to enjoy a cook-out, talk to neighbors, play games and raffles, listen to music, and meet public servants and VIPs. Your generous contribution to Hume Springs Park last year helped create a fantastic venue for our neighborhood to enjoy at National Night Out and many other times throughout the year. We are very grateful to you for supporting our community!
Charlene Burgeson, Executive Director, Active Schools
“Through leadership provided by RunningBrooke, individuals and organizations representing many sectors of society are taking action to ensure that the children of Alexandria, Virginia have many opportunities to participate in physical activity in school and the community. The Move2Learn Summit was an inspiring gathering of champions who want active, healthy, and happy children!”
Michael J. Humphreys, Alexandria City Public Schools PE/Health/Family Life Education Instructional Specialist
“ACPS is thrilled to be working closely with deeply committed community partners like Running Brooke, and the many other local organizations that were represented both among the panel and in the audience at this year’s Move2Learn Summit. It is only in close association with these valued partners that we will be able to effectively change the lives of ALL of Alexandria’s young people.”
Preston Blackburn, ACE Certified Youth Fitness Specialist, Pop, Hop & Rock
“Brooke brought together an incredibly knowledgeable group of people who are absolutely passionate about getting physical activity back into children’s lives. Our next generation is in dire need of ways to incorporate physical activity into every aspect of their in-school and after-school day, not just to improve their health, but to improve their ability to learn. I applaud Brooke’s tireless efforts to make substantial changes for Alexandria’s children and improve their outlook for academic success by keeping ‘Move2Learn’ in the current conversation held by parents, teachers, administrators and community leaders.”
Every Year, You Are:
  •   Inspiring thousands of underserved children to be more active, sparking learning in the classroom
  •   Hosting educational summits to spark high level changes & grassroots ideas to get kids moving throughout the school day
  •   Building and refurbishing playgrounds in underserved areas that get kids and families active together
  •   Providing hundreds of Community Volunteers
  •   Partnering with committed businesses and other community focused groups