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RunningBrooke Celebrates its 2018

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It’s with great pleasure that RunningBrooke announces its $108,749.00 reinvestment into the Alexandria community through its Spring 2018 Move2Learn Grant Awards. We wish to thank our supporters for making this important work possible.

All twenty-five Move2Learn grant recipients focus on the important intersection of physical activity and increased academic performance. Studies show that active kids have better focus, improved on-task behavior, and better academic performance than their less-active peers. This year’s teachers and partners provide brain-boosting activities that support students in the classroom, during tutoring, and in before- and after-school programs across the city.

In total, RunningBrooke will grant $108,749.00 to twenty-five Alexandria teachers and nonprofit partners who collectively serve more than 7,000 at-risk children. Spring 2018’s partners include:

  • ACPS Bicycling in the Schools
  • ACPS Swimming Program
  • ACPS Circus Club
  • Plus, ten other ACPS initiatives linking movement with learning
  • Alexandria Symphony Orchestra
  • Alexandria Soccer Association
  • Alexandria Tutoring Consortium
  • Communities in Schools NOVA
  • Community Lodgings
  • Friends of Huntley Meadows
  • Girls on the Run NoVA
  • Jane Franklin Dance
  • The Local Motion Project
  • The Child & Family Network Centers
  • QuinTango
  • YoKid

“We were honored to work with so many leaders in our community who value the inclusion of physical activity during the school day. Running changed the trajectory of my life, and being active brings me the focus, mental clarity, and stamina I need to build an organization that has now helped tens of thousands of kids across our city. RunningBrooke’s goal is to ensure that every child in Alexandria experiences these same benefits,” said Brooke Sydnor Curran, RunningBrooke’s Founder and CEO.

Since its inception, RunningBrooke has reinvested well over $1 million back into the City of Alexandria, building 2 playgrounds — and working on its 3rd — in underserved neighborhoods, and has worked with more than 40 nonprofit, public and private partners. During this time, Brooke has run one marathon every month to keep the attention focused on our kids. Brooke just ran her 114th marathon — that’s 5,130,000 steps! She runs with asthma and pays for all of her own travel expenses and fees.

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Contact Person: Melissa Keefe (844) 625-5437

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Child & Family Network Centers

RunningBrooke sees the future can be bright for all Alexandria children. We applaud their tireless efforts to see all kids succeed in school and in life, and are so appreciative of their continued support of The Child and Family Network Centers and our robust efforts to prepare children to enter kindergarten healthy and ready to learn.  There are nearly 5,000 children living in poverty in Alexandria.  These children cannot wait – we must come together to ensure more children get a chance at a better life.  RunningBrooke is one of those amazing Alexandria organizations doing everything they can to support local at-risk children because every child in our community matters.