Hume Springs Park Playground

Updated: August 2016 – Letter from the Hume Springs Citizens Association regarding their 2016 National Night Out.

In September 2015, RunningBrooke partnered with the City of Alexandria and the Hume Springs Neighborhood Association in our most ambitious playground renovation to date, completely revitalizing the Hume Springs Park Playground in Arlandria. This playground was fully funded by over 400 generous donors during Spring2ACTion 2014 — thank you to all donors and volunteers who turned this dream into a reality for countless Alexandria children!

And thanks to our park sponsors: Rebuilding Together Alexandria, The Brickman Group, Simpson Development, The Rotary Club of Alexandria, Carshalton Park Rotary of Carshalton Park England and Rosemont Landscaping & Design.

Activities include: an Arch Swing and Tot Seats, Log Tunnels and Climbers, Slides and Bridges, Lady Bug and Bumble Bee Riders, Butterfly Gardens with native plants, Shade Trees, and Benches for tired parents and caregivers! Notice the open space for community events, and quiet spots for reading.

Hume Springs Park Playground

Watch the video below to see how RunningBrooke worked with the City of Alexandria Department of Recreation, Parks & Cultural Activities, Rebuilding Together Alexandria and the Hume Spring Playground neighbors to understand the needs of the community and the children in it.

We recently received these wonderful tributes from playground neighbors:

“It seems like as long as there’s a sliver of sun in the sky, children are enjoying the playground. Even right after the recent blizzard, there were constantly groups of kids in the park, playing in the snow. Neighbors took it upon themselves to dig out a path through the snow in the park before the City reached it so the neighbors could enjoy it. For some families in the neighborhood, the playground is the only real space their kids have to play outside, so it’s always in use.”

“Our neighborhood is very diverse, and we don’t always stop and talk to each other when we’re coming and going throughout the day. But at the park, everyone’s kids are playing together and it’s just easier to talk and get to know each other.”

“Before the park was renovated, there was an old, towering chain link fence all the way around the park, and it really made the park feel separated from the surrounding sidewalks and streets. When that fence came down and was replaced with a new shorter one, it opened the park up and made it feel like part of the neighborhood again.”

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