What We Do

RunningBrooke goes the distance to inspire kids to be active, sparking their learning in school. We champion at-risk kids by building and renovating playgrounds and funding local non-profits whose programs embrace physical activity. We have piloted programs that partner exercise and academic learning, and provided science-based resources to the community at our Move2Learn Summit, along with supporting articles and studies on our website.

RunningBrooke champions Alexandria’s kids by:

  • Building and renovating playgrounds and parks in “playground deserts” in neighborhoods throughout the city.
  • Providing strategic and economic support to promising and established organizations that promote movement and exercise within their academic programs.
  • Providing forums for stakeholders to come together and learn as well as building a science-based resource library for study, and practical tips for teachers, and schools to integrate exercise and academics into their curriculum.
  • Fostering partnerships that create synergy across a diverse network of the community from individuals who want to lend their time and energy to help Alexandria’s kids, to City officials seeking additional resources for neighborhood projects, and local businesses looking to give back in a way that will have long-term benefits.


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