The Team

Brooke Curran, Founder and President:

Brooke Sydnor Curran, founder of RunningBrooke, was a casual runner who 20 years ago ran just to get out of the house. Spurred by 9/11 to begin her bucket list, Brooke thought she’d run one marathon, be done, and move on. Little did she know, it was just the beginning.

After years of running marathons solely to break time goals (and becoming increasingly dissatisfied with speed being the sole focus), Brooke had an epiphany while stopped at a traffic light in a transitional Alexandria neighborhood.

On this cold afternoon, Brooke made eye contact with a young, working-poor mom wearily pushing a stroller through the rain. The weight of life was clear on this mom’s face, and Brooke resolved to no longer drive away and forget about the kids and families who struggle to make ends meet.

In May of 2009, Brooke founded RunningBrooke and pledged to run at least a marathon-a-month, one marathon on each of 7 continents, in each of the 50 states, and the 5 world marathon majors — to inspire others to get involved, level the playing field and make Alexandria a better place for all.

Brooke has now run all the continents and states, but continues to run at least a marathon a month to reach her current goal of 100 marathons! And RunningBrooke has grown into a community movement dedicated to getting kids moving to spark their learning in school.

We are in a marathon, not a sprint. We know our work won’t be done until EVERY child in Alexandria is active and ready to learn.

To date, RunningBrooke has inspired nearly 5,000 kids to become more active to spark their learning in school. Raised and in-kind donations to are on-target to meet $1M by year-end 2016 to support the continuing mission of building and renovating playgrounds, convening thought leaders, educators, and constituents to gain science-based ideas for program implementation, and continue funding programs with local nonprofits.

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Danielle Seiger
Melissa Keefe
Naomi Hernandez

The Board:

Carrie Apfel

Karen Barnes, Board Chair

Sandy Freedman, Grants Chair

Ashley O’Connor, Secretary & Governance Chair

Cathleen Phelps, Treasurer

Maurisa Potts


Ben Roberts, Communications & Fund Development Chair

Tehan Scully, Volunteer Coordinator

Dr. Chris Walsh

Margaret Wohler

Michelle Cullen

Susan Jasmin

Louise Kenny


*Brooke pays for her travel and associated running costs. She runs with asthma and exercise-induced asthma.