The Team

Futsol Court Project Volunteers

Founder & President / CEO:

Brooke Sydnor Curran


Danielle Seiger

Melissa Keefe

The Board:

Carrie Apfel, Secretary & Governance Chair

Karen Barnes, Board Chair

Mark Davis, Director

Sandy Freedman, Programs / Playground Chair

Susan Jasmin, Programs / Grants  Chair

Louise Kenny, Fund Development Chair

Stephanie Beyer Kirby, Director

Advisory Committee:

William Euille

April Rodgers

Michelle Cullen

Margaret Wohler

Mauris Potts

Michael Humphreys

Kurt Huffman

Brenda Tarquinio


Emily Litten, Director

William McGreevy, Director

Ashley O’Connor, Finance Chair

Cathleen Phelps, Director

Ben Roberts, Communications Chair

Tehan Scully, Director

Dr. Chris Walsh, Director




*Brooke pays for her travel and associated running costs. She runs with asthma and exercise-induced asthma.