Quick Start Mini-Grants for Teachers, Instructors and Tutors

RunningBrooke Move2Learn is initiating a new opportunity for teachers, instructors, tutors and other individuals in Alexandria, VA to apply for mini-grants of up to $500 that may be used for training, supplies (i.e. classroom reboot materials, classroom exercise equipment, heart rate monitors, etc.) or other innovative ideas that support the Move2Learn goals in the classrooms and other venues.  These applications may be submitted in the months noted below and a response will be made within 30 days.

The application months for the 2018/2019 academic school year are:

  • 2018 August, September, November
  • 2019 January, February, March, April

Click here to complete the application

Important: Alexandria City Public Schools teachers or program directors, as per ACPS, you will need to provide  this form to your principal prior to applying for a RunningBrooke grant.  ACPS Grant Summary

Please email our Grants Team with any questions.

Expectations of Grant Recipients:

    • Communicate with us if you need help during the application process or during grant implementation. Email our Grants Team.
    • Define your expected outcomes, how you will measure them, and share this data with RunningBrooke.
    • If possible, schedule classroom visits with RunningBrooke representatives to see your program in action.
    • Use the grant exclusively for the purpose stated in the proposal.
    • Acknowledge the Move2Learn Grant from RunningBrooke in your marketing and communications materials, such as websites and newsletters.
    • Submit RunningBrooke mid-term and/or final reports* documenting your progress.

                    *Non-conforming reports will not be accepted independent of the RunningBrooke report.

Move2Learn is a program that includes information, instruction, potential funding and supporting data that RunningBrooke is sharing across schools and organizations in Alexandria in an effort to get kids moving to spark and heighten learning. RunningBrooke works with educators, nonprofit and community leaders to influence and instill physical activity within existing programs and communities.

Guidelines include: Duration of Physical Activity, Frequency of Activity, Type and Intensity of Activity, and the Emotional IQ of the Student. For our partners, these guidelines provide key areas necessary for their program to be more effective: Mastery of School Subject, Focus, Attitude, Confidence, and Happiness/Emotional IQ of Student. The End Result is physically active children, who yield considerable improvement in academic achievement over their sedentary peers. Additionally, active kids are focused, and physically and emotionally healthier too!

Priority will be given to programs that use exercise and/or movement to activate children’s brain development and learning. While we prioritize applications that meet the above criteria and the ability to measure outcomes based on academic performance, consideration will also be given to other groups and movement programs whose outcomes are measured by an increase in Positive Attitude, Focus, Confidence or Happiness/Emotional IQ.

Grant requests will be considered by a panel of RunningBrooke committee members based on the above criteria.