Getting Kids Moving in the Classroom


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NEED TO KNOW | A Physical Education in Naperville | PBS [Video]

Naperville was featured in the book by Dr. John Ratey, Spark: A Revolutionary New Science of Exercise and the Brain. Watch this PBS video to learn more.

The NBC Today Show visits Alexandria Country Day School [Video]
Why schools are adding standing desks to the classroom.


Oakridge Elementary School in Arlington – NBC Washington [Video]
Oakridge Elementary School in Arlington, Virginia has been testing classroom equipment that helps kids keep moving.”

Why Recess and Physical Education are Making a Comeback: PBS [Video]
A report from the National Academy of Sciences Institute of Medicine reveals how recess and physical education are improving academic performance. Watch this PBS video to learn more.


How exercise balls and bean bag chairs keep NJ kids focused in schools – NJ101.5 (10/31/2016)

Reading, writing and aerobics: How a popular Indy school uses movement to help kids learn – Chalkbeat (09/26/16)

Intense exercise during school day can sharpen pupil minds, study shows – Medical Xpress (07/22/2016)

How Jumping Rope may Help Your Children Learn Math and Spelling CTV News (2016)

Could Physical Education Hold the Key to Success in the Classroom? – Media Planet Education and Career News

Exercise Before the Bell May Improve Young Children’s Focus Wall Street Journal (2016)

Even Small Bursts of Exercise Can Make Kids Healthier Time Magazine (2016)

The Copenhagen Consensus Conference 2016: Children, Youth, and Physical Activity in Schools and During Leisure Time British Journal of Sports Medicine (2016)

School Wellness Education Program Looks to Change Behaviors, Improve Well-Being Slippery Rock University (2016)

In Finland, Mandatory Play time Equals Academic Success Los Angeles Times (2016)
An American family moves to Finland and discovers that the Finnish school system, one of the most highly regarded in the world, believes that play time is so important they make it a mandatory part of every hour of the school day. Read more here.

Can Kids Learn More When They Exercise During Class? NewsMax (2016)

Parents Want Recess for Their Kids. Here’s Why They Should Keep Fighting for It Washington Post (2016)

The Association Between School-Based Physical Activity, Including Physical Education, and Academic Performance Atlanta, GA: U.S. Department of Health & Human Services. Centers for Disease Control & Prevention. (2010).

Suggestions for How to Incorporate 60 Minutes of Exercise into the School Day National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine (2013)
A great graphic showing suggestions from The National Academies, Institute of Medicine’s report on how schools can incorporate 60 minutes of exercise into the school environment. Includes activities for before, during and after school. Published in May 2013. Access it here.

An Education Initiative in South Carolina Relies on Exercise and Movement to Make Students Better Learners “The schools where they never say, “Sit still” An article published by The Guardian newspaper, written by Washington Post reporter, Rick Maese, on 21 November 2015. Access it here.

Aspen Institute Project Play Reports
The Grades are in! New report takes measure of youth sports today.
“Launched in 2013 by the Sports & Society Program, the initiative convenes thought leaders from the realms of sports, medicine, media, business innovation, government and philanthropy at roundtables, televised town halls and other events where dialogue is advanced and breakthrough strategies are identified, shaped and scaled.”

2016 Report

2015 Report