2016 Spring2ACTion 24-hour Fundraiser


Move. Learn. Become. Building a playground, sparking learning, and changing the fabric of a neighborhood.

Your record breaking and heartfelt support during April’s Alexandria’s Spring2ACTion will make the Taney Avenue playground a reality for 1,500 kids. Because of you, they will get a safe place to play, complete with playground and exercise equipment, landscaping, ADA accessible features and a water fountain. Look out for your invitation to get your hands dirty and help us build the park in September 2016. Email our volunteer coordinator to tell us how you can help!

Until then, all of us at RunningBrooke are grateful for your investment in RunningBrooke and the kids of Alexandria!

Taney Avenue Park Proposed Plan

Problem: More than 1,500 kids live in the Taney Avenue neighborhood and there is no place for them to run around, play and just be kids. Countless studies prove that physical activity builds the architecture of the brain and fuels learning.

Taney Avenue Park

Taney Avenue Park today

Why is this important? 30% of Alexandria, VA’s 3rd graders don’t pass their reading SOL’s – a key litmus test for future success, and 44.5% of our 3 to 5-year olds are obese or overweight. Studies prove that physical activity fuels learning for school success, and gets kids healthier too!

Kids Playing

Building and revitalizing playgrounds, and funding fresh, inventive programs to promote active play, and encourage neighbors to gather and enjoy the outdoors. A total game changer for all!

Let’s get more kids moving, sparking their learning, and strengthening the fabric of a community! Your help is a critical.

What the neighbors are saying about the 2015 Hume Springs playground build:

“It seems like as long as there’s a sliver of sun in the sky, children are enjoying the playground. Even right after the recent blizzard, there were constantly groups of kids in the park, playing in the snow. Neighbors took it upon themselves to dig out a path through the snow in the park before the City reached it so the neighbors could enjoy it. For some families in the neighborhood, the playground is the only real space their kids have to play outside, so it’s always in use.”